Stargazer’s Wish

Stargazer’s Wish by Susanna Tan
  • Title: Stargazer’s Wish

    Artist: Susanna Tan

    Year: 2019

    Location:  Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society (SIFAS) – 2A Starlight Road, Singapore 217755

    Medium: Paint Emulsion

  • A floral celebrity, stargazer lilies are bold, bright, and beautiful. Known for their remarkable blooms and scent, this particular type of lily is a good fit for any occasion. Traditionally, lilies represent innocence and purity. The pink varieties of stargazers are thought to be representative of wealth, prosperity, and a sign of aspiration. It also conveys a message of honor. Susanna Tan gracefully paints her well wishes to the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society using her knowledge and symbolism of flowers in the hopes that their goodness will be well-known across our little red dot from their location on Starlight Road – and even this name ties in well with the entire concept of the mural!

  • Susanna Tan

    Susanna Tan (b. 1992, Singapore) is an artist and aspiring writer who endeavours to investigate the occurrences of disappointments, regrets and loss. She is interested in narrating these dreaded concepts into bodies of works with ear-whispering affections of love. Her works dealt with concepts embedded in the collected stories and are presented in different mediums and forms.

    When she is not making art, you can find her floristic alter ego arranging bespoke flower bouquets at 花花世界 (Fah Fah Sai Gai) while learning about the relevances, histories, symbolism and stories of plants and flowers.

    Susanna graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts(Hons) and is the inaugural recipient of the TCC-LASALLE Artist-Curator Alumni Award.