A Scent of Lights

A Scent of Lights by SONG
  • Title: A Scent of Lights

    Artist: SONG

    Year: 2018

    Location:  20 Clive Street, Singapore 209778

    Medium: Aerosol Paint on wall

  • In Little India, there is often the smell of burning incense hanging in the air. Incense, with its own spiritual significance, plays a significant role in Indian culture. Bright flowers and spices also make up the unique fragrance of Little India. There is a mishmash of unique smells and things to take in when one walks along the different streets of Little India; things like colorful flowers, gold bangles on women, and vegetables and spices for sale. SONG aims to depict the sights and smells that can be typically experienced in Little India. With a myriad of different elements, SONG has created a visual aesthetic of Little India as a whole, tapping in to each of our five senses. Are you able to find any other elements of Little India in this mural?

    Picture Credits @visuallyklaxified

  • SONG

    SONG is a Singaporean graffiti artist who started experimenting with aerosol painting in 2014. His works explore the integration of personal stylised letters and character forms. He has been painting non-stop, not only in Singapore but also on the walls of cities around Asia. Throughout his short artistic career, SONG has been collaborated with many different artists. He is a part of the RSCLS collective in Singapore.