Daily Delivery

Daily Delivery by JABA
  • Title: Daily Delivery
    Artist: JABA
    Year: 2018

  • This mural is a fictional projection of Little India in a not too distant future, where humanity finally manages to get free from fossil fuels dependency and all the vehicles are now hovering above the ground. The vehicles have an old-school look to show actual old car models recycled with an engine to look more sophisticated and modern.

    On the other hand, a man carrying tiffins in Little India, an item that was useful in the past, is now seen going about his daily job amidst these vehicles. These element come together as a juxtaposition of tradition and modernism of Little India, showing us that even as time passes, some artefacts are still worth cherishing and remembering, as they have served a noble and important purpose in the history leading to this day. Hence,the artwork serves as a tribute to the tiffin meal businesses that were a part of Little India’s history and essential to the daily livelihood as they ensured that food reaches the people even as they hustle through each day’s businesses.

    Photo copyright @ 2018 Steve Golden.

  • JABA
  • JABA

    A graffiti writer and street artist, JABA’s complex and highly refined style is a synthesis of cubism, futurism and constructivism – where planes, angles and colours are pushed to the fore from his travels and experience as a concept artist for Lucasfilm Ltd and as a lecturer for Matte Painting, Environment & Character Design at Nanyang Polytechnic. JABA continues to practice on multidisciplinary levels and is currently an MA Fine Arts student at LASALLE College of the Arts.