Flavours by Shah Rizzal
  • Title: Flavours

    Artist: Shah Rizzal

    Year: 2019

    Location:  CreatureS – 120 Desker Road, Singapore 209639

    Medium: Spray-paint & Water-based paint

  • Through this artwork, Shah hopes to portray the explosion of clashing scents and colours in and around the Little India precinct. He was inspired by how Little India is messy yet fun for the residents, traders, shoppers and tourists alike. The vibrant colours represent swirls of spices and herbs, highlighting the fragrance and vibrance of Little India.

  • Shah Rizzal

    Shah Rizzal, a graffiti artist and muralist with an untameable spirit, has a poetic stance on space and art, which has constantly spurred his imagination and conception on how to bridge the gap between art and the audience. Drawing inspiration from the streets, Shah’s art hopes to communicate to others his experiences in relation to his surroundings, as comments or critics of the present state/space.