Gaia by Tinu Verghis
  • Title: Gaia

    Artist: Tinu Verghis

    Year: 2019

    Location: Gayatri Restaurant – 122 Race Course Rd, #01-01, Singapore 218583

    Medium: Decals installation

  • Today, it seems as though we are almost inseparable from our digital devices. Yet, experiencing things through our sense of sight, smell and touch remain important. After all, our minds, bodies and emotions react to certain smells. Moods, too, can be influenced by odours. Tinu Verghis’s Gaia is an artwork that hopes to impress upon people that some things cannot be experienced just through photos/videos alone.

  • Tinu Verghis

    Tinu Verghis, born in Kerala, India, was a fashion model for 15 years before joining LASALLE College of the Arts for both her undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

    Her stint on the cover of Vogue, in the magazine’s epic foray into featuring dark skinned models, played a big part in her awakening as an artist. Soon after, she left her modeling career to pursue art as a channel to address systemic injustice, social and gender inequalities.

    In her practice, she uses her body as a political and poetic symbol to challenge and expand preconceived ideas surrounding systems of oppression. By re-examining cultural standards as well as the viewer’s own sexuality, she hopes to unpack misogynist ideas of how the body of a woman is over idealized, systematically abjected or subjected to intense policing.