In The Clouds

In The Clouds by Speak Cryptic (Farizwan Fajari)
  • Title: In The Clouds

    Artist: Speak Cryptic (Farizwan Fajari)

    Year: 2018/2019

    Location: Park 22 Hotel – 60 Kerbau Road Singapore 219184

    Medium: Acrylic

  • In the Clouds, done in Speak Cryptic’s trademark black and white style, is an interweaving of flowers and patterns found on sari. Chrysanthemums, jasmine flowers, marigolds and orchids are some of the flowers found in garlands, and flowers are a symbol of strength and purity in the Indian culture. The sari, with various intricate designs and patterns, is said to be one of the most graceful dresses of women. A combination of two distinct elements of Indian culture, In the Clouds is a mural that adds a fine, decorative touch to the Park 22 Hotel.

  • Speak Cryptic (Farizwan Fajari)

    Farizwan Fajari a.k.a Speak Cryptic is a Singapore-based visual artist. Inspired by the visual language prevalent within the cultures of comics and underground music, his works primarily deals with issues pertaining to the human condition. Utilising personal iconographies and a cast of characters he has developed over the years, he applies them to various narratives inspired by his observations on current affairs and his immediate environment.