Singapura by Remi Rough
  • Title: Singapura
    Artist: Remi Rough
    Year: 2018

  • Remi was inspired by his reading of the myth of Sang Nila Utama’s discovery of Singapore. Based on the legend, Sang Nila Utama was told that the island was called Temasek. He was on his ship intending to make the crossing to Temasek, but a violent storm occurred, and his men had to throw heavy items overboard to prevent the ship from sinking. When it didn’t seem to help, he was urged to throw his crown overboard to appease the sea. When he did so, the storm abated. The painting represents the crown that Sang Nila Utama threw into the sea.

    This mural was done in collaboration with ArtScience Museum and Singapore Tourism Board. Remi Rough is part of the lineup of international street artists featured in the Art from the Streets exhibition.

    ArtScience Museum presents Art from the Streets, which features over 200 works from top street artists from around the world such as Banksy, Shephard Fairey, Futura, Seen, Space Invader, JR, and Vhils. Art from the Streets is the first major retrospective of Street Art ever shown in Southeast Asia.

    Image credits: Ng Wu Gang

  • Remi Rough
  • Remi Rough

    Born in 1971 in London, currently lives and works in London, UK. Remi Rough is one of the UK’s leading post-graffiti artists. Remi Rough began as an “old school” graffiti artist, painting letters on public walls and trains in southern London in 1984. Today, the artist has gone from walls to canvas and is exhibited regularly. With his very abstract and architectural style, his work is compared to visual haiku. The artist managed to harmonize the painting outside and in the studio without losing his distinctive style.

    Image credits: Stephane Bisseuil