Untitled by sobandwine
  • Title: Untitled
    Artist: sobandwine
    Year: 2018

  • Inspired by the use of flowers as a form of communication, sobandwine’s mural is an anonymous love letter featuring a string of marigold flowers. This perennial is used not only as a love charm, but is also believed to promote positive conversation. Adopting the aesthetics of email windows, the mural begins with an opening of “Dear” and closes off with “Love”, leaving the space in between blank for viewers to fill in. Through this invitation, sobandwine hopes to reignite people’s connection with the language of flowers.

    Image credits: Ng Wu Gang

  • sobandwine
  • sobandwine

    sobandwine is a Singaporean artist duo of Leow Wei Li and Dominic Khoo, who are in the fields of visual arts and music respectively. Their primary interest lies in expanding the interchangeable vocabulary of sounds and visuals. Their notable mural commissions include Nesuto, Botanist and Lunar Coffee Brewers.