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Warp & Weft is made up of artworks from the community. Each element in the mural represents an expression or reflection of the culture, history and people that make up Little India. It is a celebration of the diversity and the rich heritage that makes Little India a special place for many.


Khairulddin Wahab

Khairulddin Wahab graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from Lasalle College of the Arts in 2014. He has exhibited in various local and international exhibitions since then, including Biennale Jogja 2019, S.E.A. Focus and State of Motion. He was the recipient of the 2018 UOB painting of the year award and Winston Oh Travel Research award. He is a Singaporean artist whose practice is informed by anthropogenic histories of Singapore and the Southeast Asian Archipelago. Referencing material that spans anthropology, environmental history, spirituality, and the occult, Khairulddin weaves together particular narratives and motifs, to allude to man’s complex relationship with the natural world.

Names of Artists:

1. Tan Ling Ling Gugenia
2. Alvarez Victoria Shanelle Letun
3. Sonali Venkat
4. Ganesh Kalyanam
5. Uma Devi
6. Nikhita Ganesh
7. Nadiah Chao
8. Atikah Azami
9. Ziqing Lim
10. Azami Said
11. Terese Anne
12. Yuri
13. Lisa. N
14. S. Y
15. Lester
16. Daniel Helven
17. Ng Xin Pei
18. Kyuubi
19. Crystal Yeo
20. Jasmine Ng
21. Jo Lim
22. Jamie Png Si Ying
23. Shermane Wong
24. Ashley Fong Cheok Wei
25. Jamie (Skye) Wong
26. Irsyad
27. Ryan Goh Kai En
28. Arshad Hossain
29. Hanita Halimin
30. Rahul Singh
31. Yi Xin
32. John-Paul
33. MD Rathon
34. Dr. Sajeeba. M. Sahib
35. Sugath Indika
36. Shan
37. Rama
38. Chandana Udaya
39. Mashi Wimalarathna
40. Zara
41. Paramjit Kaur
42. Leticia M
43. Lakshmi