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Viewers can enjoy the colourful sights of Little India and immerse themselves in the vibrancy of the Indian culture with a Bhangra performance by Bhangra pioneers, JIGRI YAAR BHANGRA. Bhangra is a traditional dance form that originated from the North Indian region of Punjab. It was usually performed by farmers during the Harvest Festival. This …

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Indian Contemporary Dance: Nruthya mein Ekta – Unity in Dance

Nruthya mein Ekta – Unity in Dance is a performance comprising of Indian and contemporary fusion. This interplay of dance styles represents the diversity in India and also gives a sense of the complex and thriving Indian cultural identity in Singapore. This collaboration has helped uncover the opportunities that Indian music presents from a choreographic …

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AWLI Jams with Building Fire

Explore little India through Building Fire’s instrumental pieces which include influences and inspiration from the music of modern Indian cinema. Watch the full performance here.

Peace, an unfolding

“Peace, an unfolding – a Pallavi” “Om Asato Maa Sad-Gamaya | Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya | Mrtyor-Maa Amrtam Gamaya | Om Shaanti Shaanti Shaanti ||” “O Lord keep me not in (the Phenomenal World of) Unreality, but make me go towards the Reality (of Eternal Self), Keep me not in (the Ignorant State of) Darkness, but …

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AWLI Jams with Fusiosonic

Enjoy Fusiosonic as they cover Tamil genres with a fusion twist in order to provide listeners with exciting and futuristic versions of old and new pop compositions. Watch the full performance here.

Percussions: Meet The Beats

Meet The Beats A rhythmic confluence of percussion instruments. Conceptualised by Guru Tripunithura Sreekanth, supported by Guru Mihir Kundu and Guru Aamrapali Bhandari (SIFAS). Different instruments of various cultures from Singapore have come together to celebrate life. Everything is defined by breath. Breathing is something so simple yet without it there will be no life. …

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