Live! Virtual Tour

Live! Virtual Tour

Monster Day Tours


Witness the culture and colourful sights of Little India while in the comfort of your own homes with a virtual tour! Led by Monster Day Tours, the tour will feature murals, restaurants and places of interest. There will also be interviews conducted with the local community.

Unlike many virtual tours that are pre-recorded videos, or a series of 360-degree photos stitched together, this tour led by MDT is going to be a ‘live’ experience! So even though you are attending this tour through your digital device, be ready to interact with your guide, ask questions and immerse yourself in a unique experience! Do note that the tour is limited to 100 pax per session.


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*The ticket registration will end 3 days prior to each session at 6pm.


Monster Day Tours

Monster Day Tours is the No. 1 Private and Walking Tour operator in Singapore. They focus on local authentic experiences, hidden gems and exploring off-the-beaten paths in Singapore. The company was built upon the team’s mission of having the world discover the joy and flexibility of day tours and experiencing every travel to its fullest.

Exactly like its ‘King Kong-inspired’ logo, Monster Day Tours seeks to only offer king-sized adventures and king-sized fun! The crux of the tours revolves around encouraging travellers to do it big with our fun-loving tour guides in Singapore – eat, play, explore and party as hard as one possibly can!

Monster Day tour is constantly evolving and has also introduced virtual tours in 2020 to cope with COVID-19 restrictions. They have been a part of AWLI 2020 as well.