PROGRESSION by Divyam Raghunath and Aryan Kapoor
  • Gayatri Restaurant

    18, 19 Jan
    8:30pm to 9:30pm

    Free Admission, Register here
    Walk-ins subjected to availability

  • Aryan Kapoor and Divyam Raghunath, shall showcase their art through
    the medium of live painting, to present before you a combination of
    flavour with the use of spices. This showcase
    shall leave you mesmerized by the flavours of food presented and
    the art you see.

  • Divyam Raghunath and Aryan Kapoor

    I prefer to paint bare, real, natural and uninhibited human emotions, which when looked at, make the spectator feel, empathetic with the characters in my art. In a world which is full of pretentious people, hiding their real self and walking around wearing masks which aren’t visible to the naked human eye; I attempt to portray characters who aren’t shameful to be mortal and to possess emotions. They are proud to display them and to cling onto them.
    —Aryan Kapoor Arora

    As an artist, I paint to portray my emotions on day to day happenings in my life, which cannot be expressed through words. Such emotions can be seen through brush strokes used in my paintings. Painting hyper-realism depicts my calmness while painting abstract depicts my frustration and anger. These paintings show who I really am and what all I’ve been facing in life.
    —Divyam Raghunath

    Our artistic process is to start with a simple idea, and let the complexity show through the material and execution. We have worked with mediums like charcoal, acrylic paints, oil paints, soft pastels, oil pastel and pencil.
    As an artist we want to be able to communicate ideas that leave an impact on people all around the world.