Mayura by Boon
  • Aqueen Heritage Hotel Little India

    22 Belilios Lane

  • Mayura, conceptualised by both Boon and JABA, literally translates to “Peacock” in Sanskrit. This culturally significant animal is depicted to symbolise the cycle of time in Hindu scripts. The artists seek to showcase the beauty of the peacock as represented in Hindu epics.

  • Boon

    Boon is a Graffiti/visual artist from Singapore who goes by the moniker ‘BAKED’. He started his exploration into the medium of spray paint in 2012. He went to paint his first wall in ‘Meeting of Styles’ in KL in 2016, and have been painting walls around South East Asia ever since. He paints personalised styled letters and his Baked character, using walls as his canvas. As a visual artist, Boon Baked does illustrations and indoor paintings, mostly scenes from his imagination and cartoon portraits of himself, his alter ego. He hope to spread peace and love wherever he goes with his art.