Misra Gandh

Misra Gandh by Shibani Roy, Mihir Kundu and Susanta Chowdhury
  • Sate Kelinci Pak and Singapore Indian Fine
    Arts Society (SIFAS)

    Sate Kelinci Pak: 26 Jan – 8:15pm
    SIFAS: 25 Jan – 6:00pm & 2 Feb – 6:30pm

    Free Admission

    Hindustani Vocal Music performance
    30-40 minutes

  • SIFAS is proud to present a Hindustani vocal concert performance using well known music and which illustrate on the theme of fragrance, exploring different ragas which reflect on different moods like Hindustani classical ragas Lalit, Bahar, Multani, Sarang, Darbari, Chandrakauns, Marubihag, Bilawal and Hansdhwani. It has also been researched by many that ragas also take on different flavours and scents which will be showcased in this presentation as well.

  • Shibani Roy, Mihir Kundu and Susanta Chowdhury

    The Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society (SIFAS) is Singapore’s pioneer academy in imparting the knowledge of Indian traditional and classical music, dance and arts. Founded in 1949, SIFAS is characterised by a high level of artistic excellence across all its disciplines. With a pan-Indian curriculum, it reflects the cultural diversity of a vast nation with a rich and ancient heritage.

    Academic excellence underlies SIFAS’ approach with a structured curriculum, classes and examinations, along with in-depth teaching and artistic guidance.

    SIFAS plays a role in the transformation of Singapore into a global city for arts as it offers the vast repertoire of Indian artistic traditions to Singapore students and nurtures local talent to excel in their genres.

    SIFAS is pleased to present a Hindustani solo vocal concert performance by Shibani Roy, accompanied by Mihir Kundu on Tabla, and Susanta Chowdury on Sitar.


    Guru Shibani Roy has a Masters in Indian Music with first class from Khairagarh University (Madhya Pradesh). She started learning Hindustani vocal at the age of 11 with Guru Smt. Manju Chakravorty & later from Smt. Sanhita Majumder. Shibani is a regular performer of classical concerts, bhajans and Ghazals. She has also composed music for concerts and Kathak dance programmes. Shibani taught in various leading schools in India.
    Guru Mihir Kundu’s initial Tabla training was from Shri Sabyasachi Sengupta and went on to do his Guru Sishya Parampara under the tabla maestro Pt. Sankha Chatterjee. He is equally adept in three Gharanas -Farukhabad, Punjab and Delhi because of his training in Pt. Sankha Chatterjee School of Music. A regular artiste in All India Radio and Doordarshan, he has received the prestigious JADUBHATTA award from Saltlake Cultural Association (Kolkata) and TALMANI award from SURSINGER SAMSAD (Mumbai). Mihir also holds the title of SANGEET VISHARAD and Sangeet Vibhakar from Lucknow BhatKhande Sangeet Vidyapith. He has shared the stage with many distinguished artistes such as Pt. Jagadish Prasad, Pt. Ajoy Pohankar,Pt. V.G Jog, Pt. Kartic Kumar, Pt. Samaresh Chowdhury, Pt.Amiya Ranjan Bannerjee, Pt. Manilal Nag, Ustad Ali Ahamad Hussain (to name only a few) in India and abroad. Guru Mihir has performed extensively in India, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Italy and South East Asia.
    Guru Susanta Chowdhury who hails from Kolkata, had his early training from his father Sri Bhupendra Nath Chowdhury and subsequently went under the tutelage of Sri Shyamal Chattopadhya. He then became a disciple of the famed Padmabhushan Pandit Debu Chaudhuri. He received his M.A. Music from Delhi University and was a Gold Medalist. He is an “A” Grade artiste of All-India Radio and has performed widely on TV. He is an empanelled artiste in ICCR and has performed in India, USA, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Indonesia, China and Singapore, having accompanied Padmabhusan Pt. Birju Maharaj, Saswati Sen, Bhaswati & Krisnamohan Maharaj, Rammohan Maharaj, Ranjana Gawhar, Reela Hota.