Nakshatra: The Lunar Mansions

Nakshatra: The Lunar Mansions by Kamini Ramachandran
  • Indian Heritage Centre
    5 Campbell Lane (10, 11 Jan)

    UltraSuperNew Singapore
    108 Rowell Road (17, 18 Jan)

    10, 11, 17, 18 JAN
    7:00PM – 8:30PM

    Admission is Free, Click Here to Register

  • The stars have always been a guide — gently leading travellers, explorers and lost souls by the patterns in the sky, sharing their light.

    Indian festivals and special occasions are influenced by the stars. As we celebrate the harvest festival of Pongal, discover the origin story of the Nakshatras, the constellations. How did the stars come to be? And what is their story? Step into the streets of Little India and listen to master storyteller Kamini Ramachandran bring alive myths of yore. Be serenaded by accompanying music from Raghavendar Rajasekaran. Complete your stellar experience with traditional folk-art painting and create your favourite star.

    Ages 16 and above are welcome to attend.

  • Kamini Ramachandran

    Kamini Ramachandran grew up with a grandfather who was a storyteller and tells stories from her Asian repertoire. Through Moonshadow Stories she pioneered storytelling for adult audiences in Singapore and is influenced by her South Indian heritage. Known for her site-specific and in-gallery storytelling, she breathes life into artefacts, objects and spaces through story walks and multi-sensory tours. She enjoys collaborating with artists from different genres and experimenting with the application of oral storytelling through other mediums like music and visual arts. She is creative producer of StoryFest Singapore and founded The Storytelling Centre Ltd to support the Young Storytellers Mentorship Programme where she nurtures emerging artists.