Tarana by Jyotika Joshi
  • Kelinci Pak and Singapore Indian Fine
    Arts Society (SIFAS)

    Sate Kelinci Pak: 18 Jan & 1 Feb – 8:15pm
    SIFAS: 26 Jan – 6:00pm

    Free Admission

    Kathak Dance Performance

  • A special Kathak performance, titled Tarana, is an exciting and evocative presentation of a dance form hailing from North India. Students will present a Tarana in raga Des, and taal Teentaal, time cycle of 16 beats. The Tarana is beautifully interspersed with short technical pieces known as tukdas and tihai, followed by gat nikas, where the dancer creates an elegant pose and demonstrates different ways of walking with that pose and concludes with a complex rhythmic footwork. The piece highlights all the most quintessential features of Kathak, such as intricate footwork or tatkaar, graceful and fluid movements, swift chakkars or pirouettes, and padhant or crisp recitation of the dance syllables.

    The Kathak presentation is an homage to the vibrant past of dance and other performing arts which took place in Little India’s streetscape in the early 20th century and represents the multi-ethnic diaspora of the Indian community which continues to grow in the present.

  • Jyotika Joshi
  • Jyotika Joshi

    The Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society (SIFAS) is Singapore’s pioneer academy in imparting the knowledge of Indian traditional and classical music, dance and arts. Founded in 1949, SIFAS is characterised by a high level of artistic excellence across all its disciplines. With a pan-Indian curriculum, it reflects the cultural diversity of a vast nation with a rich and ancient heritage.

    Academic excellence underlies SIFAS’ approach with a structured curriculum, classes and examinations, along with in-depth teaching and artistic guidance.

    SIFAS plays a role in the transformation of Singapore into a global city for arts as it offers the vast repertoire of Indian artistic traditions to Singapore students and nurtures local talent to excel in their genres.

    SIFAS is pleased to present a Kathak performance by teachers and students, headed and choreographed by Guru Jyotika Joshi. Guru Jyotika Joshi who hails from New Delhi received her initial five years of training in Kathak from Smt. Malti Shyam of Lucknow Gharana at Kathak Kendra, New Delhi (National Institute of Kathak Dance). She completed her Diploma (Hons.) in Kathak Kendra under the guidance of Guru Rajendra Kumar Gangani, a leading exponent of Jaipur style. Jyotika is a recipient of a merit scholarship from Kathak Kendra, New Delhi. She has performed as a soloist and in group performances in major festivals in India and abroad.

    Guru Jyotika joined SIFAS in September 2013.