Temple by Wisdom Of Monkeys
  • UltraSuperNew Singapore
    108 Rowell Road
    (Empty space in front of mural)

    11, 18 JAN
    6:00PM – 6:45PM
    8:45PM – 9:30PM

    Admission: FREE

  • Set in the distant future where climate change has eroded the temples that once existed, the only artefact that remains of those glorious times is an image of the Goddess of Time, Kali. With this picture, a time traveller embarks on a journey to regain knowledge about the old temples, so they can be created again. Meanwhile, in 1925, a clerk plans to construct a new temple in Singapore. How will their paths meet? The connections forged by Time can be more unexpected than we think.

  • Wisdom Of Monkeys

    Wisdom of Monkeys Productions was set up in 2008 by actor, director, playwright, drama-trainer, roleplayer and dramaturg Hemang Nandabalan Yadav. Thecompany has since put up various productions including Ex-Ceptance in 2008, a modern Noh play All The Crazy People in 2010 and Chillax for ITE students in 2011. The company has also worked with the drama clubs of schools such as Ai Tong School and Anderson Junior College, putting up school productions and training the students for drama competitions, in the process winning several awards including the 1st Prize in 2011, the Best Scientific Content Prize in 2013 and the Merit Prize in 2013 and 2014 for the Shell Singapore Youth Science Festival competition and a Certificate of Accomplishment in 2016 for the Singapore Youth Festival. Furthermore, Wisdom of Monkeys has worked with the Civil Service College for roleplays used as assessment and in training. In 2017 and 2018, Wisdom of Monkeys produced two ten-minute plays for the Tamil festival Pathay Nimidam.