The Healing Wall — You Are What You Eat

The Healing Wall — You Are What You Eat by Sunaina Bhalla
  • 5 Dunlop Street

  • You Are What You Eat seeks to highlight methods of ancient healing that originated from India but have been forgotten over time. The artist selects specific herbs that possess aromas which are beneficial in curing and relieving certain ailments of the mind and body. After discovering these healing properties that have helped her own life, she shares these findings in the hope of benefitting others.

  • Sunaina Bhalla

    Sunaina is a contemporary artist of Indian origin, who lives and works in Singapore. Her work revolves around the repetitive and ritualistic nature of gestures and their traces. She explores the transformative effects of the deliberate infliction of pain on the human body during the curative process of alleviating disease and decay. Sunaina is currently researching traditional healing practices in Singapore and South East Asia with a focus on Ayurveda and Traditional Medicine that employ natural remedies like spices and herbs in chronic health conditions like Diabetes and Breast Cancer.

    Sunaina has exhibited in Japan, India, Singapore, Europe and the Middle East. Her works are in the permanent collections of the ESSL Museum, Vienna and Mumbai Airports Authority, India, and in various private collections globally.