The Scent of Memories

The Scent of Memories by Kamini Ramachandran
  • CreatureS – 120 Desker Road, Singapore 209639

    1 Feb & 2 Feb
    8:00pm to 9:30pm

    Ticketed, Register via Peatix

    Estimated 5-6 intimate sessions completed within a 90-mins total period.

  • Little India has always been a place of congregation and many conversations were held over meals. From the early migrants to today’s hipsters, this place is never silent. Today, most people are too focused and distracted by their phones even when they dine at restaurants.

    Inspired by Little India’s historical sense of community and gathering together over food, Kamini would like to recreate this experience for audiences. When the storyteller comes and sits at your table, it is time to put away your devices and listen.

    When people talk over meals, a flurry of emotions and memories arise. Kamini will bring diners through the history of Little India and the pivotal role of eating, gathering and conversation, especially among migrant communities. Audiences will be treated to a story connected to the spices and ingredients used by the chef for the meal.

  • Kamini Ramachandran

    Kamini Ramachandran is a storyteller with a deep knowledge of the Asian oral tradition. With a focus on culture and heritage she is an experienced educator for museum-based learning and is known for her site-specific performances. Through MoonShadow Stories she pioneered storytelling for adult audiences and founded The Storytelling Centre Ltd to advance the art of storytelling through the Young Storytellers Mentorship Programme. She is also creative producer of StoryFest Singapore.