The Scent of Memories

  • Storytelling
    Around 10 minutes during dinner time
    CreatureS Restaurant

    1 February and 2 February 8pm to 9.30pm
    Adults ages 16 years and above

    Registration via Peatix

  • Revisit the history of Rowell Road and Desker Road with Kamini Ramachandran through a communal dining experience at Creatures. Indian mythology has numerous stories with references to gender duality and of ancient traditions of women who were courtesans. These people and their practices had roots in temples and communities as part of the balance of village life. Kamini believes that old spaces like Little India, despite progression and development, are still haunted by the spirits of those who walked the streets many years ago. A bare brick-walled space is a place of reflection of the actual people who used to wander this area and ply their trade. Even if time has passed and they are not here anymore, their ‘fragrance’ still lingers through memories. Each session will include the introduction of fresh ingredients and spices in their original form as handling items for smelling, touching and seeing.

    Emotions and memory play an important role when we eat food and when we have conversations. I will begin a conversation with them about the history of Little India and the pivotal role of eating, gathering and conversation, especially among migrant communities. I will then tell them a story connected to the spices and ingredients used by the chef for the meal.

  • Kamini Ramachandran